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Medico Engineers is a Biomedical Equipment Maintenance provider firm. We provide Medical/Dental equipment maintenance services to support the healthcare sector. We service both government and civilian healthcare sectors. We specialize in the installation, repair, calibration, and preventive maintenance inspection of medical, dental, scientific laboratory, dental lab, and medical imaging equipment.

We coordinate a group of independent service organizations that perform engineering services on medical /dental equipment. Through our network, we provide nationwide field service support to medical/dental device users and comprehensive asset management programs to healthcare facilities. We develop custom maintenance management solutions, designed to minimize the cost and risks involved in medical equipment ownership while maximizing the effectiveness of equipment operation and patient care

Our mission is to provide healthcare technology solutions to all levels of civilian and government environments, including healthcare providers, medical/dental device users, independent service organizations and biomedical equipment maintenance technicians.​

We Plan and Run Our Whole Process Through CMMS Software.    What is CMMS? CLICK HERE

With Regards

Lokesh Kumar

Managing Director/Founder


Firm Reg-UDYAM-UP-59-0000734

CE Registration No - UPSA4706789
Trade Mark Registration No-3812910

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